Pallet Manufacturing

Our assembly operation has the capacity to build stringer and block style pallets. We have two Viking Turbo 505’s and a Storti Block nailing machine. We have a Viking Duo that has been converted to make skid pallets.  We have the capacity to build 12 loads of pallets per day.  Each customer has a unique specification that insures they get exactly what they need.  This specification is engineered based upon customer needs.   Software called Pallet Design System (PDS) is used to insure proper strength and reliability for the customer.


Pallets, Skids & Frames

Stringer Pallets

As one of the largest producers in the Midwest, we currently produce 6,000 new stringer pallets per day, utilizing state of the art automated nailing machines.

Block Pallets

In the fall of 2011 MCWP upgraded our block nailing production line to meet our customer demands in the growing block pallet market.  In addition to producing 900 block pallets per day, we are also licensed to produce various chemical industry (CP) pallets.


A Skid is a pallet with no bottom deck.  We have a Viking Duo that has been retrofitted specifically for skid production.  We can easily produce more than 2,000 skids per day.

Top Frames

Top Frames match the dimension of a pallet and are used to create a buffer on top of the product that is stacked on that pallet.  This allows pallets of product to be sat on top of one another without damage to the product.

Grade Lumber

Hardwoods—such as oak, hickory, and walnut—are graded based on the amount of clear material that can be obtained from the board. Since they are often sold rough, hardwoods are usually not stamped. 

The grades from best to worst include:

FAS: “Firsts and Seconds” must be 6” or wider and 8’ or longer with 83% of the board clear of knots and defects.
Select: Similar to FAS but allows boards as narrow as 4” x 6’.
#1 Common: Minimum of 3” x 4’ and larger with 67% of wood clear from knots.
#2 Common: Same as #1 but with only 50% clear of knots.
#3a Common:  Flooring grade lumber.

Railroad Ties

MCWP is a supplier of railroad ties. These ties are all industrial grade and untreated. Our railroad ties conform to AREMA size specifications and are available in most sizes however 6×8 and 7×9 represent the majority of usage.

Our customers supply Class I railroads, short lines, municipalities, and contractors. Our product line includes new AREMA industrial-grade cross ties, switch ties, relay ties, road crossings, and bridge timbers up to 18’ in length.





Industrial Grade Cants & Squares

A cant is a partially sawn log with at least one flat side. That is, you can have a one-sided cant (sawn on one side only and the other three sides still round), a two sided cant (sawn on two sides, usually opposite sides), three sided, and four sided.

We provide a variety of cants & squares in various sizes (i.e. 4x6 6x8 8x8 6x12 8x12) and up to 18’ in length. We produce most squares and cants in our Grade Mill.




Landscape Mulch

We have the ability to provide “landscape ready” mulch in large and small quantities to wholesalers, contractors as well as selling to the public.

We produce about 25 tons a day in mulch which comes out to 90 yards.

Wood Chips & Sawdust

When milling logs there are wood pieces left over that are used in the making of chips and dust. Larger pieces are chipped in our paper grade chipper and sold primarily to paper mills.

Smaller pieces are turned into sawdust and sold primarily for Boiler Fuel, Pellets and Carbonization.

Typically we produce 125 tons a day in chips and 75 tons a day in sawdust.